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Treasure Island, Florida

The first photograph shows a plasterer applying a rich colour of Marmorino. Note he is using a trowel, not a spatula. Using a trowel gives a more organic look.

In the second photograph two coats of plaster have been applied. Walls can be left as is or a colour wash can be added.

In the third photograph a colour wash was added giving a beautiful patina look.

Ritz Carlton, White Plains, NY

This finish is a highly polished coat of a warm white Veneciano plaster. The polished plaster gives a very pristine look and a good background for the artwork. The perfect wall color complements the art.

This was a perfect choice of color allowing the owner to highlight his collection of art and furniture. Another view of the elegant result. Note that Venetian plaster was
applied to the column as well.

Restaurant, Bronxville, NY

The owner of this restaurant wanted walls that reminded him of his childhood in Italy.
A soft color plaster on top revealing certain areas that the plaster had fallen off giving a antique look.

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